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Campaign Finance

We track all contributions and expenditures that are reported to the Federal Election Commission

Lobbying Disclosures

We track all lobbying disclosures and contributions that are reported to the House and Senate

Tax Documents

We track all 990 returns submitted by nonprofits that are reported to the Internal Revenue Service

News Articles

We track front-page news stories from 3000+ sources across the political and credibility spectrum

Facebook Ads

We track all ads related to issues, elections, or politics that are made available by Facebook


We track the latest tweets from political candidates who have declared candidacy for a federal office

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We process our tracked datasets and extract political candidates, political action committees, political donors, political ad purchasers, and political vendors


We process our tracked datasets and extract both explicit connections based on transactions as well as implicit connections based on metadata, hashtags, and named entities

We're constantly monitoring the datasets we track for updates, which means we add 100K+ new documents every day

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